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Aluminum Tent Structures

Lantier I-series aluminum structures are pre-engineered to provide the safest solution for your project requirements.
Widths range from 3 meters -50meter wide and are unlimited in length due to their modular design. LTS understanding that every installation is different and no two locations are the same.LTS employs a team of experts to make sure your project receives the building that will be the best possible solution for your application. We can assist you with your local permitting process and applicationsproviding stamped engineered and drawings where applicable. Every installation is handled by are fully certified and trained LTS crews to ensure a safe and timely installation.Available options with all I-Series structures:

  • White B/O or Clear fabrics
  • Hard PVC or glass walls
  • Cassett flooring
  • Heating/HVAC
  • Power Distribution
  • Double or single man doors
  • Blast resistant man doors

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