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Disaster Relief

Relying on years of domestic and international materials sourcing, ICT designs, engineers, manufactures, and erects a wide range of tents, from 4m x 4m Disaster Relief / Rapid Deployment Shelters to 50m wide mega structures and every size in between.

Unlike many Disaster Relief Tent manufacturers, ICT has its own installation crews that excel at the safe, fast, and efficient erection and dismantle of all of our different structures. These crews also provide comprehensive training to clients and/or locals so that future tent upkeep, emergency dismantle, and relocation of these structures can be handled locally if applicable.

Light-weight Tents

The Light-weight series of humanitarian tents is designed to be a medium duty tent system that gives value for the money.

The 4m x 4m x 2.1m tent is made from 380 gsm pvc fabrics and 1 inch and 5/16 galvanized steel tubes that combine to provide a sturdy 174 square foot shelter, perfect for housing families during the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster and up to 2 years.

Heavy Series- Humanitarian Shelter

The HW (heavy weather) series of humanitarian tents is engineered to be a heavy duty tent system that provides safety and security in areas of the world that produce high winds and rain on a consistent basis. The 6m x 6m x 2.1m (20 x 20 x 7 ft.) and 6m x 9m x 2.1 (20 x 30 x 7 ft.) tents are made from 5.4 oz polypro fabrics that are incredibly strong and durable yet lightweight.
The HW Series uses white translucent top fabrics and tan sidewalls. The white translucent top provides a bright interior environment even during cloudy/raining days, eliminating the use of electrical power for providing daytime illumination. The 1 – 1/2″ galvanized steel frame tubes and steel cross bracing combine to provide extreme wind loads of up to 90 mph 3 second gusts.

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