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Developed for our Spider Truss Series, our Thermaskin product is insulated, structural T&G panels that are available to attain insulation ratings of “R12 “(50 mm thick) to “R 24” (100 mm thick). Built with an aluminum skin on both sides and compressed dense insulated foam (expanded polystyrene) sandwiched in between, the panels lock together to form a water tight, complete barrier against the elements, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Our Thermaskin panels have been designed to replace conventional fabric tops and fabric walls on new structures and structures that are already in place.
Thermaskin eliminates interior Frost or Condensation and keeps the heat in when your building is not being actively climate controlled during off use hours.
Unlike other Steel Truss manufacturers’ building insulation systems that only fit between arches, Thermaskin installs on the outside of the structure creating a 100% insulated building.
Building completed with Thermaskin are a cost effective alternative to traditional steel structures with corrugated steel exteriors and spray foam insulation.
Retrofit your current fabric structure with Thermaskin let our design staff analyze your building, order and deliver your new Thermaskin panels, remove your existing fabrics, and replace them with Thermaskin. Our insulated panels allow clients an easy and immediate way to go green. Save at least 50% on fuel and heating costs by using our Thermaskin panels when compared to the same building with PVC or PE/PP fabrics!

Kedered PVC Fabric

The world’s most versatile plastic had a rather humble beginning: A rubber scientist during the early 1920s stumbled onto a new material with fantastic properties during his search for a synthetic adhesive. Waldo Semen was intrigued with his finding, and experimented by making golf balls and shoe heels out of the versatile material called polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Today we use PVC coated nylon kedered fabrics that are fire retardant and registered NFPA 701/Can-ULC-S109. All of our North American structure fabrics come with the Registered California Fire Marshall Seal.
Available in weights from 11 oz. to 28 oz. per square foot and in a wide range of colors, kedered PVC fabrics are the best option for high wind areas, a quality finish, and longevity in the field. Kedered fabric provides less overall maintenance than non kedered panels and in the event of damage, kedered fabric allows for individual panels to be removed and repaired separately from other panels. In most cases, the kedered fabric repair work can be accomplished without interrupting the “ongoing” use the building was intended for

Custom logo’s, colors and fabric design are available

PE Fabrics

Our 12.5 oz.-14.5 oz. polyethylene fabric-PE is the most affordable cover option for any Spider Series structure. Commonly used for shorter term applications, or agricultural structures PE fabrics are available in either one piece top or kedered.
One piece covers drape over the entire structure and are tensioned at the base plates and gable arches, grommets and lace line secures fabric to the frame at each truss line. PE fabrics are in a wide range of color options.