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Turn Around Facilities

Lantier Tent Structures ltd. (LTS’s) weather-tight, engineered fabric structures are the economical alternative for hard to find work and explosion proof trailers. LTS fabric structures allow turn around facility managers to place all contractors and staff under one roof, increasing productivity, communication between contractors and site safety. Providing efficient labor control with substantial labor savings. Our “one roof” solution eliminates multiple trailer service connections, reduces housekeeping staff requirements, and decreases labor costs through the reduction of lost time, and the ability to locate and communicate with all workers in a timely fashion. LTS provides complete “turn-key” solutions allowing your team to focus on the project at hand and not waste time and resources while attempting to secure difficult to rent trailers and services from multiple suppliers. LTS can streamline your time and resources before, during and after any project.

LTS offers custom floor plans that can meet any requirements, from private, secure offices, large meeting spaces, separated change rooms and “flow through” permit department offices. Other options available include Heating, HAVC, and Electrical/Data Distribution.

  • Stream Line Labor productivity .
  • Increase Safety and communication.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Decrease lost time and labor.
  • Custom floor plans to maximize work flow and production.

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