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Tent Classrooms during Covid 19

Open your school with the help of tent classrooms

Are we going to see more students learning outdoors when they return to school?

Education administrators cooperating with health experts think the answer should be yes. Tent classrooms can be a terrific solution to help safely open up our schools systems across the nation.

  • Tent Classroom
  • Quick installs
  • Reliable environment
  • Temporary structures leave no trace on existing facilities after use
  • Easy permitting for uses less than 180 days
  • Easy cleaning/disinfecting
  • Natural air flow

As school officials try to envision what in-person teaching would look like when students return to school buildings in the 2020-21 academic year experts think the time is right for schools to think about using the outdoor spaces around them for teaching. Tent classrooms would provide overhead shelter from rain and sun with the option of walls or no walls depending on weather and ventilation requirements in different areas and climates.

Outdoor tent classrooms would help Universities, Kindergarten through High Schools and Community Colleges solve the big problems they’re facing: space to provide in-person instruction now that social distancing guidelines call for at least six feet of space between people or fewer than 11 persons in a room in some cases; fresh air and ventilation (transmission from coronavirus is less likely outdoors than indoors); and expanded access to in-person instruction, especially for disadvantaged students for whom the remote learning experience has been less than ideal and revealed glaring inequities.

School districts have a time and space problem—with so many hours in the school day and only so many square feet inside the school buildings. Tent classrooms address this.

Schools are being encouraged to consider the outdoors in their reopening plans. Tent classrooms are the number one solution.

Institutions  are trying to get as many students as possible on campus tent classrooms are a great solution that address’s this need from the perspective of reducing the amount of time that kids are in improperly ventilated schools—with staggered schedules, etc.—within the amount of space that they have available.

There is an intrinsic value to being outdoors in a tent classroom: it’s good for students’ social, emotional, and mental well-being, even more so as they return to school after several traumatic months during which tens of thousands of Americans died from a deadly disease.

Setting up an outdoor classroom is relatively inexpensive compared to the other options that districts are considering, including buying temporary portable units.

Rent instead of purchase

Cost Effective

Outdoor tent classroom learning spaces are fast to erect. They can range from a relatively bare bones set up over lawns or parking lots, with benches and chairs for seating. Teachers will only need to provide white boards or blackboards and storage for their supplies. Districts can set up classrooms in already existing gardens, playing fields, on lawns, or over asphalt/concrete on their property.

Social distancing experts are proposing the outdoors as a large piece of the puzzle that could be activated as an additional asset for safer education environments. Even in small numbers, outdoor tent classrooms will help students’ mental health and reduce the time they spend at home. …If schools make that investment, it will be a cost-effective way to accommodate more kids, and it could serve them well into the future.

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